Klaviyo replenishment flows that just plain work.

Klaviyo replenishment email flows are great for getting customers to buy again. But with all the edge cases and data crunching to do it right … well, who has time for that? We do.

Repeat makes the hardest parts of building great Klaviyo replenishment flows a breeze, so you can get back to the rest of your email strategy.

Send customers right to their carts.

Replenishment flows are great because they’re a simple way to automate retention marketing. Except the emails are only half the equation. You still have to send them somewhere, right?

Category pages offer too many choices for someone looking to reorder. PDPs don’t make sense if your customer has bought multiple products. And landing pages … well, who has time to build them for all the possible purchase combinations?

Repeat’s personalized, headless carts solve this problem.

Repeat carts are anchored to previous purchases, allow for one-click reordering and offer a merchandising section for new product discovery. All of it adds up to an experience that converts at upwards of 25%.

Skip the guesswork on when to start Klaviyo replenishment flows.

If your replenishment flows are anything like most, we’re willing to bet you picked some flow dates based on how long your boss thinks it takes customers to reorder.

Though bosses are never wrong (wink wink), they don’t always have the firmest grasp on the data. But Repeat does.

We provide you product-level insights into replenishment intervals and repeat purchase behavior, so you can make data-informed decisions on when to send your reorder emails and how to prioritize which flows you invest the most time in.

Effortlessly handle edge cases.

Because we’re hyper-focused on CPG, we’ve got all the quirky considerations associated with replenishables and fast-moving consumer goods tackled:

  • Sample kits are your best sellers? No problem. Repeat automatically handles product mapping, letting your customers easily add or remove full-size products from that kit to speed checkout.
  • Product bundles throwing a wrench into replenishment flow timings? We’ve got repeat purchase data for bundles and the single-product SKUs, so you can determine whether a bunch of separate flows are worth the extra time.

End result? You don’t have to shy away from building flows for tricky situations. And since more flows equals more money, we think you’ll agree that’s a good thing.

Upgrade your Klaviyo replenishment flows with Repeat.

CPG brands use Repeat to give consumers faster reordering experiences and just-in-time notifications—so they never run out and your returning customers keep climbing.

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