One-Click Reordering With QR Codes

QR codes are making their way onto CPG packaging and direct mail, and into DTC shipments as inserts. But short of scratching the curiosity itch of finding out what’s behind the code, what’s the value for your customer?

Repeat QR codes fix that, giving customers the ability to scan and reorder in one click—right when they realize they’re running low.

The first CPG QR code that’s actually useful.

Until recently, QR codes have been those mysterious, weird looking boxes that people didn’t really know what to do with. But connecting offline experiences to online experiences is becoming the norm, and DTC CPG brands have taken note.

One problem: Most QR codes are acquisition focused, usually asking for an email address or dropping a customer on a homepage. For a customer who’s already using your product, that’s not very useful.

So, they just kinda sit there on the package … or get tossed with shipping materials ... no real utility for the customer or the brand.

Repeat QR codes solve this problem.

From “running low” to “reordered” in 15 seconds.

Repeat QR codes are purpose-built for people already using your product, giving them the ability to scan and reorder in less than 15 seconds—without any need for downloading apps or creating accounts.

It’s the fastest possible reordering experience for your customers, because our QR codes are linked to Repeat carts that are pre-populated with items due for replenishment, allowing for one-click checkout and an effortless merchandising section.

And all of it means that precious packaging space isn’t going to waste. In fact, it’s generating you measurable repeat revenue. Nice upgrade, right?

Use them wherever you want—and collect repeat data you need.

Repeat QR codes can be used on packaging, product inserts, stickers, magnets… if you can think of it, we can handle it. They’re a great reordering experience wherever they live.

But that’s not all.

Scan-to-reorder QR codes are gold mines of data, giving you product-level insights into replenishment intervals and repeat purchase behavior, so you can make data-informed decisions on how to set up all your other marketing campaigns—like email replenishment flows, SMS marketing, and retargeting ads.

Launch scan-to-reorder QR codes with Repeat.

CPG brands use Repeat to give consumers faster reordering experiences and just-in-time notifications—so they never run out and your returning customers keep climbing.

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