Just-In-Time SMS Replenishment Notifications for Non-Subscribers

When it comes to retention, most CPG brands end up doing the following: push a subscription and, if that fails, send a weekly campaign, hoping that maybe, finally, the timing will be right to land that reorder. Sounds like a pretty weak plan B, right?

We think so, too. Repeat’s automated SMS replenishment notifications are sent to customers when they’re most likely to be running low on your products and paired with a one-click reordering experience—perfect for your customers who don’t want to subscribe, but never want to run out.

Powered by logic, not guessing.

Before Repeat ever sends a message, we analyze your store’s single-purchase behavior, make sense of replenishment intervals on a per-SKU basis, and use that logic to give your customers a reminder at just the right moment.

So, a customer who bought a deodorant refill and a customer who bought a mouthwash on the same day? That’s right: They’ll get their replenishment notifications at different times. Automatically.

Upsell? Downsell? We’ve got you covered.

The best way to think about Repeat: A more flexible subscription.

With perfectly-timed SMS reminders, new customers have easier reordering experiences and start building your product into their routines: because it’s easier for them to get than any of your competitors.

The upshot? A more qualified pipeline of potential subscribers.

But Repeat’s flexibility works both ways. If a subscriber needs a break, let them opt-in to Repeat notifications. You preserve some repeat revenue, your customer keeps their flexibility, and we do all the heavy lifting (including removing them from notifications when they subscribe again).

A “Buy Again” experience your customers will want to use again and again.

Repeat doesn’t just send automated replenishment notifications. It pairs them with cart links that are personalized based on your customers’ past purchases and prepopulated with items that are due for reordering.

Add in a merchandising section, so you can promote new product launches and similar items, and you’ve got one-click reordering and cross-selling opportunities to make reordering effortless and product discovery simple.

When you give your customers Repeat cart links, they end up checking out in less than 15 seconds and revisiting that link whenever they need to reup. So, they buy again and again and again.

Launch automated SMS replenishment notifications with Repeat.

CPG brands use Repeat to give consumers faster reordering experiences and just-in-time notifications—so they never run out and your returning customers keep climbing.

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